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FxPro offers you free online technical analysis forex courses. All topics are logically arranged and conveniently divided into interactive cards, featuring illustrations. Our experienced analysts have focused on the most important parts that you need to know about this type of market analysis, describing basic words and situations in a simple form that is easy to understand.

Technical analysis is perhaps the most popular among traders around the world. Looking at the chart of an asset, almost everyone, even beginners, try to set at least the support-resistance levels, or impose a favourite indicator. This helps to interpret what is happening on the market at any given moment, enabling you to make the correct conclusions about any further trend(s).

The most important goal of our free online technical analysis courses is to help you learn how to define the best moments for opening trades, as well as building a strategy to in order to determine the price direction.

The FxPro technical analysis courses are constantly updated with new topics. In addition, you are invited to pass several online tests for self-checking purposes, while you can download useful pdf-files such as a memo determinizing the chart patterns. Stay tuned!

The information contained in our training material is considered marketing communication for educational purposes only and FxPro does not take into consideration your personal objectives or financial situation. Content should not be considered as containing any trading advice or recommendations, and we suggest conducting your own research and practising in a demo environment prior to taking any action.